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Island Athletic Club provides members with a twenty-five yard, heated indoor pool.  A variety of activities are offered including:

UV Comfort

UV refers to the method used for disinfecting the pool. In addition to of conventional chlorine methods.  The new E-UV system uses ultra-violet light to disinfect and break down  chloramines as water passes through the filtration system.   Our salt-water pool is sparkling clean and gentler on the skin, eyes, hair and respiratory system.

Family Swim Program

Children age 8-16 may use the pool during family swim times without a parent being present. IAC pool attendant will provide supervision. Both the child and parent must sign a new Superkids form (available at the Service Desk) to qualify for the program. This increases the hours for this age group to use the pool, allowing the parents to work out too. 

Age infant to 8: Parent must accompany child in the pool and provide continuous supervision for the child, even if an IAC staff person is present.

Please note: Failure to follow safety regulations may result in suspension or termination of child’s pool privileges. Children who have not met our criteria must be supervised by a parent at all times.  A copy of our pool policies is available at the Member Service Desk.